How to Dress for adidas adipure trainer south africa Disney World

If you are planning a trip to Disney World, you will want to spend a little time in advance deciding what to wear. The most important goal is to be comfortable so you can easily participate in the wide range of activities you are sure to encounter there. Depending on the weather and time of year, you will also want to be sure you are dressed in items that can take you from water rides to a nice dinner out without needing to switch gears. This will allow you make the most of your time in this magical destination and create memories that will last forever.

Look in your closet for items that are comfortable and stylish. Select easy to wear cotton pieces that won’t wrinkle easily and will hold up in the heat. Skirts with a stretchy waist band, nice shorts or cropped jeans are all good options. Pair any of these with a well fitted T shirt or sleeveless top and layer a cardigan or blouse over this for when the sun goes down. Carry a tote bag you can use to stow souvenirs and hold your cardigan until you need it.

Select comfortable sneakers or walking shoes. (Make sure that you go for footwear you’ve worn and know you can walk in without getting blisters.) Look for something that is supportive and adidas adipure trainer south africa can be worn with socks or peds so it doesn’t chafe your skin during the day.

Plan to keep your shoulders covered to avoid getting a sunburn if you will be at Disney when the sun is especially strong. Wear thin layers that won’t make you too warm but will provide adequate coverage from the sun’s harmful rays. Also bring a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.

Shop at stores that carry classic casual styles to find appropriate items to wear. Know that many people (adults as well as kids) will be wearing Disney characters on their clothing, but don’t feel compelled to follow suit unless this is your style preference. If you want to give off a playful air, look for solid pieces in jewel tones, such as royal blue or hot pink shirts or sweaters or a bright floral print skirt.

Wear a bathing suit under your clothing if you plan to do the water rides. Just be sure to bring some dry underwear.

Dress in items that will transition well into evening. If you have reservations to eat dinner at a nice restaurant, steer away from wearing short shorts and a tank top and opt for more appropriate pieces. A T shirt dress is a great basic that can carry you through a wide range of activities, as is a jean skirt or nice cargo pants.

Leave your best jewelry home. If you must accessorize, stick with a few small costume pieces that aren’t likely to get caught on the rides and won’t ruin your day if they are lost.

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