Church Coronavirus Cluster Puts South Korea On Edge

south korean church

SEOUL — As morning broke, groups of men wearing masks and talking on walkie talkies stood guard along the narrow streets leading to the Sarang Jeil Church, the focal point of a new coronavirus outbreak in South Korea outbreak Korea. Outside the church in a poor neighborhood of northeastern Seoul, blocks of empty buildings slated for redevelopment add to the end-of-days atmosphere. Piles of rubbish and discarded belongings were scattered around.

The territory’s leader Carrie Lam said Friday Hong Kong will offer free coronavirus tests to its residents over a period of two weeks starting Sept. 1., in hopes of restarting the services-dependent local economy. The city’s economy contracted 9% in the second quarter of this year. A new surge in infections has more than tripled the number of cases in the city to 4,632, with 75 deaths.

If you do not have contact already, it will be difficult to meet them. Our college campus outreach has come to a complete halt, for example. We have yet to see how this will lead to more effective gospel ministry, but it is definitely an opportunity. If you have contact with unbelievers in or through the church, this is a great time to minister to them.

North Gyeongsang Province has also seen surges in cases in recent weeks, most from a hospital in Cheongdo, which was designated a «special care zone» along with Daegu last week. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, meanwhile, raised its warning level for South Korea and recommended Americans avoid all non-essential travel to the country, citing the «widespread, ongoing outbreak» of the coronavirus.

So far, South Korea has released 22 fully recovered novel coronavirus patients from hospitals. You can check the live status here. There was a sharp spike in the number of patients infected by the coronavirus in South Korea. On February 17, there were just 30 cases. The number increased drastically to 763 cases on February 24, with seven reported deaths.

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