Coronavirus Cases Have Dropped Sharply In South Korea. What’s The Secret To Its Success?


By then, he had set off a chain of transmission that infected 186 and killed 36, including many patients hospitalized for other ailments, visitors, and hospital staff. Tracing, testing, and quarantining nearly 17,000 people quashed the outbreak after 2 months. The specter of a runaway epidemic alarmed the nation and dented the economy. «That experience showed that laboratory testing is essential to control an emerging infectious disease,» Kim says. In addition, Oh says, «The MERS experience certainly helped us to improve hospital infection prevention and control.» So far, there are no reports of infections of COVID-19 among South Korean church Korean health care workers, he says.

This was how members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus operated in secrecy here, including setting up companies under the guise of providing consultancy services or workshops. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said this in a statement on Friday (Feb 28), revealing the workings of the ultra-secret religious cult in Singapore.

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By February, the diagnostic kit was authorized, and as of March 9, 15,971 kits were produced, capable of testing 522,700 people. As of April 15, South Korea has tested 534,552 people for coronavirus, which is 10.4 people per one thousand population. South Korea also operated 600 screening centers (including 71 drive-through centers), and more than 90 medical institutions assessed specimens with an rRT-PCR test.

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